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Peppermint Gift Basket

Peppermint Gift Basket

A delightful assortment of Citrus products to pamper yourself or someone you love.


-Magical Mint Bath Salts

- Peppermint Shea Lips Jar

-CitrusShea Lips Jar 

-Peppermint Shea Bar Soap

- Whipped Shea Earth

-Foot Cream


ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER - Our shea butter is made from the nuts of the Karite tree, which are hand-harvested by local women in Ghana. These women receive fair trade wages for their work and are able to provide for their families because of this income.

- NO ANIMAL CRUELTY - We don't use any animal products in our products. This means no beeswax, no honey, and no lanolin! You can rest easy knowing that you're not harming animals when using our products.

- SOOTHING HAND-WOVEN STRAW BASKETS - Our baskets are woven by hand by artisans in Ghana who have been trained to create these


All baskets come nestled and wrapped in a hand-woven straw basket, created by our fair trade partners in Ghana, that can be either reused or used as a decorative.