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Splax Anti-Chaf With Bees Wax by Shea Butter Market
Splax Anti-Chaf With Bees Wax by Shea Butter Market
Splax Anti-Chaf With Bees Wax by Shea Butter Market

Unscented Splax Anti-Chaf With Bees Wax

SPLAX prevents chafing, saddles sores, rashes, blisters, dry & cracking skin.



SPLAX prevents chafing, saddles sores, rashes, blisters, dry & cracking skin, thus helping athletes perform at their highest level.
splax has no synthetic chemicals or petroleum based ingredients.

The Harder you work, the harder Splax works.

The organic product contains no chemical additives.


Contains natural sun protection (cinnamic acid), reduces inflammation (steroid fraction stigmasterol) and promotes blood circulation (triglycerides– tocopherols and tocotrienols). No irritating scents or chemicals are added.


  • Contains certified organic Shea butter and 100% natural 
  • Bees was
  • Vitamin E

Splax Benefits:

Activity Based Lubricant, self adjusting lubricating factors provide protections for intense training and events.

Long Lasting Protection: Penetrates skin and keeps on working no matter how hard you work.

Performance Enhancing ingredients: Bioactive, Organic ingredients containing performance- maximizing factors allow you to train harder and longer

Get to know the founder of  Shea Butter Market and

Co Founder of  Baraka Shea Butter


Baraka which is the distribution side of my business. This is how we bring in the beautiful Shea butter we use. We then hand craft all my products and have been making my own products for 20 years and I love it.


Watch this video where Gifty explains her knowledge of Shea Butter.







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