Who is Shea Butter Market?

Who is Shea Butter Market?

In this short video you will learn who Gifty is (the founder) and why Shea Butter Market is so close to home.

 A little back story,

Shea Butter Market was inspired by the woman in her home community, in Northern Ghana. When she would go home, she asked the woman if they needed anything. They said they wanted to work. This sat heavily on Gifty’s heart, she knew she wanted to help but she wasn’t sure how. That’s when she came up with an idea to have the women make the Shea butter. 

Gifty loves to work within the community, she has helped charities, one being the widows group. She is very passionate about helping women in her community and is always thinking of new projects that will help support woman and children.

Gifty started a project in Northern Ghana called “Girl Education project”. This project will help support girls to have an education and future for themselves. Since starting Shea Butter Market the woman of Ghana is able to have money in their pockets to help their children go to school, have medical care, buy school uniforms, and take control of their financial well-being.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should watch the Shea Butter Market Video:

  1. Learn how and why Shea butter began.
  2. See how Shea Butter Market impacts communities we are working with.
  3. Learn about our wholesale company, Baraka Shea butter
  4. Meet Gifty (the founder of Shea Butter Market) and Rachel (Gifty’s assistant)




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