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When you use Shea Butter Market products you are not only using some of the purest product available anywhere, you are also helping to support an entire village in northern Ghana.


Shea Butter Market purchases the Shea Butter directly from BARAKA SUPPLIES, who source their pure shea butter from the Kperisi village in Northern Ghana, who harvest the Shea Nuts and process them into Shea Butter using traditional methods that have been handed down over centuries.



Shea Butter from Kperisi village is grown and produced in an area where there are no chemicals or additives.


By purchasing Shea Butter Market products you are not only buying some of the finest Shea Butter available anywhere in the world, you are also helping women and their families.

Our customers can rest assured that the women are paid a premium price for their product, and that by purchasing Shea Butter Market products you are making a difference in the lives of women and children in Kperisi Village.


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