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Oils and butters made by hand, straight from the source. Learn about the advantages of using natural products that are not only good for your skin but also have a positive influence on Ghanaian communities.

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14 products

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Face & Under Eye Cream
Face & Under Eye Cream

Face & Under Eye Cream

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  • &BETTER is all about feeling better, looking better, living better, and being better. We are dedicated and excited to be part of modern dad’s quest of getting to a better version of himself and the world.
  • NATURE OFFERS BETTER RESULTS. Discover the power of nature with our plant-based face cream made with the highest-grade ingredients that deliver a better look for your skin. No Toxics. No Synthetic Additives. All-Natural Premium Ingredients.
  • SIMPLE IS BETTER. The modern men’s face cream offers multiple benefits in one product. Moisturizes the skin all day long, restores the skin to keep your good looks and soothes the skin aftershave.
  • REFRESH BETTER WITH A FRESH AND WOODY SCENT. &Better Looks face cream soothes and refreshes your skin after shaving with potent essential oils. It features top notes of pink pepper into sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver for a fresh, earthy blend.
  • &BETTER IS FOR THE BETTER WORLD. We love our planet, and we act accordingly. We make all our choices responsibly, even if these choices cost us more.